Debary Family Auto

174 S US HWY 17-92
DEBARY, FL 32713




2006 Toyota Prius Hybrid       $5495.

Hybrid Synergy Drive,  Cold Air Cond,  LOW MILES! Driven Only 8k Miles Per Year,  Up to 60MPG!
Smart Key System,  Back-up Camera,  6-Disc CD Player / Stereo,  MP3,  Multi-Function Wheel,  Compass & Temp
Drivers Info Center,  Covered Rear Cargo,  Tinted Windows, Tilt Wheel,  Power Windows,  Remote Locks

2007 Lexus ES350       $7995.

NAVIGATION,  Back-up Camera,  Push Button Start,  Dual Control Air Cond,  Driven Under 10k Miles Per Year,  Up to 36MPG!
SAT / XM / CD Player / Stereo,  Tinted Windows,  Power Windows & Locks, Dual Power & Heated / Ventilated Seats
Telescopic Steering Wheel,  Homelink,  Fog Lights,  Cruise Control,  Clock & Temp Display,  Drivers Info Center
Memory Seats,  Multi-Function Wheel,  Remote Lock / Unlock

2008 Honda Civic       $4795.

ONE OWNER!  Automatic, Cold Air Cond,  Driven 15k Per Year,  4-Cylinder,  Up to 41MPG HWY!
CD Player / Stereo,  Power Windows,  Tilt Wheel,  Cruise Control,  Power Windows & Locks,  Adjustable Height Seat
Front Wheel Drive,  Tinted Windows,  Remote Locks

2005 Jeep Liberty        $3995.

Automatic,  Cold Air Cond,  AUX / CD / Stereo,   Driven Only 11k Miles Per Year,  Tow Package
Power Windows & Locks,  Cruise Control,  Tinted Windows,  Tilt Wheel,  Rear Wheel Drive,  Remote Locks
Roof Rack,  Folding Rear Seats,  Lots of Cargo Room

2007 Chevrolet Silverado Z71       $8995.

4-Wheel Drive, ONE OWNER,  Driven 15k Miles Per Year,  6-Passengers,  Cold Air Cond,  Tow Package
Multi-Function Wheel,  Driver Info Center,  AUX / Cd Player / Stereo,  Fog Lights, Cruise Control,  Running Boards
Tinted Windows,  Fuel Info Button,  Covered Rear Bed,  Onstar,  Power Windows  Remote Locks

2006 Nissan Murano S       $4995.

Leather,  Loaded,  Dual Control Air Cond,  Driven 11k Miles Per Year,  Lots of Cargo Room,  Up to 24MPG HWY!
Drivers Power Seat,  Adjustable Height Pedals,  Fuel Info Button,  Multi-Function Wheel,  Dual Exhaust  
6-Disc CD Player /  Stereo,  Tinted Winows,  Roof Rack,  Fuel Info Button,  Cruise Control,  Remote  Locks

2011 Nissan Murano SV       $9995.

Push Button Start, Intelligent Key System, Back-up Camera,  Bluetooth, TWO Power Sunroofs,  Driven 11k Miles Per Year
Multi-Function Wheel,  AUX / XM / CD / Stereo,  Drivers Info Center,  Fuel Info Button,  Power Drivers Seat  
Tilt Wheel, Dual Exhaust,  Power Windows,  Tinted Windows, Roof Rack,  Cargo Room,  Remote Locks

2001 Mercedes Benz ML 430       $3395.

All Wheel Drive,  2-Owners,  Leather,  Loaded,  Cold Air Cond,  Driven 10k Miles Per Year,  
6-Disc CD Player / Stereo,  Cruise Control,  Cargo Room,  Tinted Windows,  Power Drivers Seat,  Tilt Wheel
Power Windows,  Power Sunroof,  Heated Seats,  Clock & Temp Display

2007 Kia Rondo LX       $3795.

3-Rd Row Seat,  7-Passenger,  Front & Rear Air Cond,  Driven Only 12k Miles Per Year,  Up to 25MPG HWY
CD Player / Stereo,  Power Windows & Locks,  Cruise Control,  Tinted Windows,  Folding Rear Seats
NEW TIMING BELT!!  W/ Records,  Front Wheel Drive,  Clock Display,  Folding Rear Seats

2012 Chevrolet  Sonic LT       $4995.

Automatic,  Cold Air Cond,  Hands Free Telephone,  Driven 19k Miles Per Year,  Great Gas Saver,  Up to 35MPG HWY!
AUX / CD / Stereo,  Multi-Function Wheel,  Clock & Temp Display,  Cruise Control,  Fuel Into Button,  Tilt Wheel
Folding Rear Seats,  Front Wheel Drive,  Power Windows & Locks,  Drivers Info Center

2008 Honda Civic Coupe       $4795.

Automatic,  Cold Air Cond,  Power Sunroof,  Driven 14k Miles Per Year,  Gas Saver!!  Up to 41 MPG HWY!
AUX / CD Player / Stereo,  Multi-Function Wheel,  Adjustable Height Seat,  Clock & Temp Display
Cruise Control,  Power Windows & Locks,  Tilt Wheel,  Tinted Windows,  Remote Locks

2004 Honda CR-V       $3995.

2-Owners,  Cold Air Cond,   Lots of Cargo Room,  4-Cylinder Gas Saver,  Driven Only 12k Miles Per Year,  Up to 26MPG!
Adjustable Height Seat,  Running Boards,  Cruise Control,  Tinted Windows,  Tilt Wheel,  CD Player / Stereo
Front Wheel Drive,  Folding Rear Seats,  Power Windows & Locks

2014 Kia Sorento LX      $12,995       Sale Price! 11,995

Leather / Loaded,  Back-Up Camera,  Hands Free Telephone,  AUX / USB,  Driven 19k Miles Per Year,  Up to 26MPG HWY!
4-Cyliner Gas Saver,  Heated Seats,  Adjustable Height Seat,  Fuel Info Button,  Compass,  Temp & Clock Display
Fog Lights,  Front Wheel Drive,  Multi-Function Wheel,  Tilt Wheel,  Power Windows,  Remote Locks

2008 Hyundai Accent        $2995.

Touch Screen Stereo,  Cold Air Cond,  Driven 14k Miles Per Year,  Power Sunroof,  Up to 37MPG HWY!
AUX / USB / Mp3,  Bluetooth, Automatic,  Cruise Control,  Rear Spoiler,  Fog Lights,  Tinted Windows
Power Windows,  Tilt Wheel,  Cargo Room,  Folding Rear Seats,  Adjustable Height Seat

2009 Jeep Compass       $5295.      Sale Price    $4995

ONE OWNER,  Cold Air Cond,   Driven Only 10k Miles Per Year,  4-Cylinder,  Up to 25MPG HWY
AUX / Cd Player / Stereo,  Adjustable Height Seat,  Cruise Control,  Front wheel Drive,  Tilt Wheel,  Temp Display
Power Windows,  Folding Rear Seats,  Remote Locks

2006 Kia Spectra       $2990.

Low Miles /   Driven Under 10k Miles Per Year,  Automatic,  Cold Air Cond,  4-Cylinder Gas Saver,  Up to 35MPG HWY!
Adjustable Height Seat,  Tinted Windows,  Tilt Wheel,  CD Player / Stereo,  Power Windows,  Remote Locks

2011 Honda Odyssey       $9995.

Navigation,  Back-up Camera,  Power Sliding Doors & Rear Hatch,  Stow & Go,  Leather / Loaded,  30MPG HWY
Hands Free Telephone,  AUX / XM / USB,  CD Player / Stereo,  Power Drivers Seat w/Lumbar, Multi-Function Wheel
Heated Seats, Fuel Info Display,  Homelink,  8-Passenger,  Power Windows,  Tinted Windows,  Remote Locks & Doors

2015 Nissan Sentra SV       $11,495.

LOW MILES!!   ONLY 20K Miles,  Push Button Start,  Intelligent Key, BlueTooth,  Up to 40MPG HWY
Power Sunroof,  In Car Apps,  Back-up Camera,  AUX / XM / Sirius,  Fuel Info Button,  Cold Air Cond,  Rear Spoiler
Clock & Temp Display,  Multi-Function Wheel,  Power Windows,  Tinted Windows,  Remote Locks    

2007 Ford Explorer XLT       $5495.

3rd Row Seat,  7-Passenger,  2-Owner,  Rear Wheel Drive,  Driven Only 10k Miles Per Year,  Running Boards, 4.0, V-6
Fuel Info Button,  Drivers Power Seat,  Clock & Temp Display,  Tinted Windows,  6-Disc CD Player / Stereo
Roof Rack,  Drivers Info Center,  Fog Lights,  Power Windows,  Remote Locks,  Tow Package