2005 Ford Mustang       $6495.       SALE PRICE    $5990.

4.0 V-6,  Automatic,  Cold Air Cond,  Leather / Loaded, LOW MILES!!  Driven Under 8k Miles Per Year,  Rear Wheel Drive
AUX / MP3 / WMA / CD Player / Stereo,  Tinted Windows,  Tilt Wheel,  Cruise Control,  Drivers Power Seat  
Rear Spoiler,  Dual Exhaust,  Power Windows & Locks,  Remote Entry

2007 Toyota Camry CE       $5990.

ONE OWNER,  Cold Air Cond,  AUX , Driven 14k Miles Per Year,  Great Gas Saver,  Up to 39MPG HWY!
Multi-Function Wheel,  Tilt & Telescopic Wheel,  CD Player / Stereo,  Temp Display,  Power Windows & Locks
Cruise Control,  Tinted Windows

2009 Honda Fit       $5990.

ONE OWNER,  Auto,  Cold Air Cond,  LOW MILES!!  Driven Only 10k Miles Per Year,  Great Gas Saver,  Up to 48 MPG HWY!
Folding Rear Seats, Lots of Cargo Room,  Cruise Control,  Clock Display,  Rear Spoiler,  Tilt Wheel,  Front Wheel Drive
AUX / MP3 / WMA / Cd Player / Stereo,  Power Windows & Locks,  Remote Entry

2009 Kia Sportage EX       $5990.

Automatic,  Loaded / Leather,  Power Sunroof,  LOW MILES!! Driven Only 10k Miles Per Year,  Dual Exhaust
Kenwood Touch Screen Stereo,  AUX / IPOD / USB / CD Player,  Adjustable Height Seat,  Roof Rack,  Fog Lights
Lots of Cargo Room,  Folding Rear Seats,  Tilt Wheel,  Tinted Windows,  Power Windows & Locks,  Remote Entry

2004 Chrysler Sebring Limited       $2990.     Sale Price!  $2495.

Automatic,  Leather / Loaded,  Cold Air Cond,  Low Miles,  Driven Only 9k Miles Per Year,  3.0, V-6  Up to 25MPG HWY
Power Drivers Seat,  
Power Sunroof,  Fog Lights,  Cruise Control,  CD Player / Stereo,  Tinted Windows
Power Windows & Locks,  Remote Entry

Debary Family Auto
174 S US HWY 17-92
DEBARY, FL 32713

Monday - Saturday 9am - 5pm
Sunday 10am - 3pm

OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK                                                                         WE ACCEPT CREDIT CARDS!


2012 Jeep Patriot Limited       $5990.

2- OWNER,  Leather / Loaded,  AUX / SIRIUS,  Hands Free Telephone,  Multi-Function Wheel,  Touch-Screen Stereo
Drivers Power Seat,  CD Player / Stereo, Drivers Info Center, Fog Lights,  Tilt Wheel,  Cruise Control
Heated Seats,  Roof Rack, Cold Air Cond,  Compass & Temp Display,  Power Windows & Locks,  Remote Entry

2010 Hyundai Elantra       $3990.       Sale Price!

Automatic,  Leather,  Cold Air Cond,  Power Sunroof,  Driven 15k Miles Per Year,  Gas Saver,  Up to 34MPG HWY!
AUX / MP3 / IPOD / USB / XM / Cd Player / Stereo,  Adjustable Height Seat,  Tinted Windows,  Tilt Wheel
Power Windows & Locks,  Cruise Control,  Remote Entry

2011 Jeep Compass Latitude       $5495.

2-Owners,  Automatic,  Cold Air Cond,  Heated Seats,  Rear Spoiler,  Up to 27MPG HWY
AUX / SIRIUS / MP3 / WMA,  CD Player,  Temp Display,  Fog Lights,  Tinted Windows,  Tilt Wheel
Folding Rear Seats,  Lots of Cargo Room,  Power Windows & Locks

2003 Volvo S40       $2990.

ONE OWNER,  Automatic,  Leather / Loaded,  Low Miles! Driven Only 9k Miles Per Year,  Up to 27MPG HWY
Cold Air Cond,  Power Sunroof,  Power Drivers Seat,  Fuel Info Display,  Tinted Windows,  Tilt Wheel
Fog Lights,  Alarm System,  CD Player / Stereo,  Power Windows, Remote Entry

2010 Jeep Patriot Sport       $4990.

2-Owners,  Automatic,  Cold Air Cond,  Driven 15k Miles Per Year,  Adjustable Height Seat,  27 MPG HWY
AUX / CD Player / Stereo,  Cargo Room,  Folding Rear Seats,  Roof Rack, Front Wheel Drive,  Tilt Wheel
Tinted Windows,  Cruise Control,  Power Windows & Locks,  Remote Entry

Coming Soon!!                Window Tinting           Call for Information

2009 Hyundai Santa Fe  GLS     $6990.

ONE OWNER,  Cold Air Cond,  LOW MILES!  Driven Under 9k Miles Per Year,  Dual Exhaust,  27MPG HWY
AUX / USB / IPOD / XM / CD Player / Stereo,  Adjustable Height Seat,  Lots of Cargo Room,  Cruise Control
Folding Rear Seats,  Front Wheel Drive,  Power Windows & Locks,  Tilt Wheel,  Remote Entry

2005 Toyota Rav4       $5495.

2-Owners,  Cold Air Cond,  Driven Only 11k Miles Per Year,  4-Cylinder Gas Saver!!  Up to 36MPG HWY!
CD Player / Stereo,  Adjustable Height Seat,  Multi-Function Wheel,  Cruise Control,  Tilt Wheel
Tinted Windows, Lots of Cargo Room,  Power Windows & Locks